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Past Presidents

For more than 57 years, this chapter has been led by and benefited from the strength and commitment of strong African American leaders.  We offer our heartfelt appreciation for your leadership through the years!           

Imad Abdullah

Kenneth Anderson

Hon. D’Army Bailey

Mary Beard

R. Larry Brown

2016 | T. Kevin Bruce

Veronica Coleman Davis

William Collins

2016 | Felicia Cox

Barbara L. Deans

2015 | Amber Floyd

Monice Hagler

Hon. Gina C. Higgins

Latrena Davis Ingram

Elbert Jefferson, Jr.

2017 | Florence M. Johnson

Monika Johnson

Keith Kyles

Hon. Loyce Lambert Ryan

Venita Martin

Andre Mathis

2014 | David McKinney

Herman Morris

Theresa Patterson

Samuel Perkins

2018 | Edd Peyton

2019 | Judicial Commissioner Shayla Purifoy

L. Derek Renfroe

Hon. Gwendolyn Rooks

Edward Stanton, III

2022 | Laquita Stokes

2021 | Quinton Thompson

Van D. Turner, Jr.

Mayor A C Wharton

Ricky E. Wilkins

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