Previous Ben F. Jones Award Recipients

Ben F. Jones Chapter of the National Bar Association Award Recipients


A.A. Latting Awards



1995 Judge Loyce Lambert Ryan Dr. Muhammad
1996 Donald Smart Coleman Garrett
2003 Veronica Coleman Hon. Earnestine Hunt
2004 Judge John T. Fowlkes, Jr. Dr. Carol R. Johnson
2005 Percy Harvey Johnnie Turner
2006 Judge Arthur Bennett A. Dell Stiner
2007 Hon. D’Army Bailey Ernest Withers
2008 A C Wharton Michael Cody
2009 Ruby Wharton Hon. George Brown, Jr.
2010 Hon. Russell Sugarman Hon. H.T. Lockard
2011 Judge Bernice Donald Gregory Duckett
2012 Judge John T. Fowlkes, Jr. Frank Cantrell
2013 Judge Camille McMullen Monica Wharton
Chancellor Kenny Armstrong
Melanie Murray
2015 Walter Evans Ed Stanton, III
2016 Sean Hunt Judge Gina C. Higgins
2017 Laurice E. Smith Mark A. Allen
2018 Terrence Reed Alexander Wharton, Andre Wharton, and Corey Strong
2019 Henry Reaves Janika White and Kamilah Turner
2020 Tannera George Gibson Van D. Turner Jr.
2021 Chancellor Gadson “Will” Perry Senator Raumesh Akbari


The Ben F. Jones Chapter is in the process of memorializing all past recipients of the A.A. Latting Awards. If you have information regarding any of the years with missing recipients or if you have a correction to the abovementioned list please email us at